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Meaning the South node represents the negative qualities of Capricorn one of which is taking care of myself first and foremost and immediate gratification at the expense of the future. The over indulgence is forcing people to strive for a more nurturing world. Doing the work to heal, bypassing the logical mind and deep diving into my subconscious.

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I'm a cancer sun, virgo moon and capricorn rising. This reading was very interesting to me.

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Houses, transits etc? Cuz I'm confused. I'm really tired of all the talk about "relationships. And it just continues. I have totally lost all hope of some major good happening in life that usually happens to people every once in a while. Why can cancers never get a reading that say "you will experience an ease of living for a period, and money will come to you without a lot of effort I have no sign im my second house ,but still occasionally in the past every now and again something good would happen.

Wow this was amazing V. I have spent last 2 years healing from 22 year toxic relationship basically had to break the physical and emotional shackles. Part of my journey to healing was finding you. I feel free and present in my own life like never before.

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We are now in feb amazing. Howwww did I forget Helping me. Thankyou V for all you do. These help so much. The ones last year helped me too, I watched it monthly honestly, especially towards the end of the year. At first I wasn't sure how this was even going to come or what. I remember it being so profound. It's been a daily struggle. Yeah, a complete breakdown of how I think.

Crazy all over again after last year v! So much growth then I finally understand. Momma, 2 sisters, and 2 grandmothers.

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Also, i'm a Virgo rising with a son with a virgo moon. Thankyou again. Lesa M.

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Really, Im 61, cannot take 7 more years of heartache!!!! So I looked at your other reading that touched on guilt as a form of abuse. These themes are what Pluto is helping me release.

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With regard to business and moving on from a job that I've found security in for 12 years but didn't value my contribution Like a bad marriage or partnership in general. So used to Pluto in the 7th. Born with it and have been letting go of that proverbial woobie binky, or blanky for 42 years. It's getting easier though, thank God. Judah Israel You realize your true power lies in your autonomy and your ability to see that the instability you see in others is a direct reflection of the woble within yourself. You are always what requires your attention NOT the other.

Oh and learn to mind one's business also helps tremendously. Detach, detach, detach.

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I was born with pluto in 7th house too. Revelations is the one thing that I am I hate to say worried about but it's the one thing that I haven't been able to see any differently no matter what I've been able to do and stays constant which is the Locust human sized scorpion Tails Wings armored plates on their chest coming from the abyss which is the abyss of the upper ocean space. But it goes right along with the fact that this is the last year of tribulations they started in at the end of The Long Count it's the 7th dispensation of the church's which means it's time to move on to a new era new golden era of spirituality and Science and magic all put together back how it used to be.

It's also the arrival I'm on the end of the year cycle of the Long Count what's the Mayans and the Egyptians knew which represents the coming of the Locust and the locus for what I been able to put together are humanoid insect alien race that come around every 25, years on this cycle and stop and bean plant eaters they say more I don't know that they take people as many humans as they can as slaves when they leave that's how the Mayans disappeared and cartoon couple other civilizations that just vanished there was the Omoumua asteroid that just came through the Galaxy or through asteroid that just came through the the solar system from Interstellar space I had a dream of that last year before I really knew it was happening from what I can remember and they seem like something caught a ride on that rock.

Quite literally on setting the standard is what I've been put into doing but it sucks cuz I'm kind of really on my own I've been semi working with kryon of magnetic services but it's all over the cell phone like this I really could use someone to talk to in person about it all and doesn't want to call me crazy. Can we move we got my mom who's a Scorpio and I live with her the tower represents the Watchtower of the anaki and angels Four Angels of the Four Winds in the Keys of Solomon.

And I was John Proctor hung for witchcraft on 1st male hung for witchcraft in America and there's a whole lot more that I can get into this curious but I realized I've been rambling thanks for let me ramble. St James the just also known as the brothers of Jesus and the Dark Star which can also mean Daystar When eclipse is involved. I'm been watching tarot since maybe a bit b4. Iam Capricorn ask my husband wish one he what he said 2 just like me i didn't tell him wish one i pick he a Libra and iam Capricorn wow.

I am transforming, so do my relationships, so does my life, all into better! Pile 4 definately. Chariot Card card came out for me in a personal reading from my friend also. Veroosh September 25, Veroosh Posted on September 25, Timestamps : Intro : please take time to watch this announcement! Allie Cavalheiro Posted on October 8, number 3, thank you so much!

Mayra Medina Posted on October 6, Iam Capricorn ask my husband wish one he what he said 2 just like me i didn't tell him wish one i pick he a Libra and iam Capricorn wow Reply.

Georgia Peach Posted on October 6, I chose option 2 and 4 and wow. Thank you for explaining the stones!