Virgo love horoscope for february 25 2020

For the most part, however, will be about dynamic changes to your home and family life as well as your professional world.

Eclipses begin to touch these parts of your chart in , calling you to consider your place in the world in a significant way. Venus turns retrograde at the top of your chart between May 13 and June 25 and this might be when it all begins for you. At this time, you might grapple with feeling completely unsatisfied professionally and wonder if you have been wasting your time and talents for way too long.

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A long overdue internal dialogue will likely occur that makes you reconsider whether or not you are delivering the value you can and should be professionally, and whether or not you're being appreciated by higher ups if you have been consistently over delivering without reward. Whatever happens internally as a result of this time might lead to a drastic turning point in your career near the November 30 Lunar Eclipse at the top of your chart. Remember, if something ends for you at this time it really was long over-due. A transition that happens is only realigning you to what your true potential is vocationally.


Bringing in a third party is one the best ways to manage Pluto. You will notice these Venusian and Plutonian themes coming to play in your dating life and also around your creative projects. Today could mark a huge turning point in any artistic projects you're working on. If you're currently hooking up with someone, this is certainly the time things could get very intense. Pluto is all about searching the depths.

What will Venus show you around love and creativity once you go beneath its beautiful surface?

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The next day, February 6, brings plenty of action. The Sun sextiles Uranus, the planet of surprise, bringing you some random help from unexpected people.

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A debt might be unexpectedly paid off, or an apology you thought you'd never hear could come your way. Your ruling planet, Mercury, trines lucky Jupiter which happens to be in your sign! You may have a philosophical breakthrough involving your love life or your artistic goals. February 6 brings some stress. There are a lot of feelings to feel today But February 6 also brings some stress, when sweet Venus squares erratic Uranus, bringing out some deeply buried insecurities, issues with commitment, or generally impulsive behavior.

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However, this isn't the best day to make any commitments—focus on finding understanding and expressing gratitude now, and make promises later. February 8 brings the New Moon in Aquarius, which will be an excellent time to start fresh around any goals you have relating to your health, your schedule, or your work. If you want to kick a bad habit, this is a great time to do it.

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This is also a great time to consider whether or not your schedule is working for you. Perhaps try to go to bed a little bit earlier and see what you can accomplish by waking up an additional hour before you need to go to work or school. Both the Sun and Moon will be in Aquarius, the sign of the future— anything is possible! The Leo eclipse will also be a hugely important time for catching up on sleep, and for checking in with your health.

Ways you may have been shooting yourself in the foot without realizing it will also become very obvious to you during this transit. Fortunately, this eclipse won't turn the 10th into a total and complete mess: Your ruling planet, Mercury, will make a harmonious connection with lovely Venus on this day as well, which will help you get organized and aid you in smoothing out whatever awkward vibes are in the air. Mercury—which is currently in genius Air sign Aquarius—makes a bunch of lovely astrological aspects mid-month, which will bolster your spirits. It connects with Mars on February 16, helping you with negotiations or in terms of getting organized, and it connects with Uranus on February 20, bringing you some unexpected assistance.

Mercury also mingles with lucky Jupiter on February 21, creating good vibes around money and security, and it meets supportive Saturn on February 23, which will also help you feel grounded and stable as you work out issues at work or problems regarding your health. Eclipses are always very emotional, but because this one is in weepy Water sign Pisces—the most emo sign in the zodiac—you can expect lots of feelings everywhere. The Sun enters Pisces, the sign opposite you on the zodiac wheel, on February 18, soon followed by Mercury on February The Sun and Mercury in dreamy Water sign Pisces will illuminate the partnerships sector of your chart: exciting!

The first eclipse of the month had you hiding away from the world, but now that the Sun and Mercury are in your opposite sign, you're totally focused on partnering with others—especially since the second eclipse of the month is in Pisces. The Pisces eclipse arrives on February 26, and this will be a big one. This is thanks to Mars, the planet of aggression, meeting Uranus, the planet of confusion, on the same day. The vibe will be even more hectic and shocking than what we can usually expect during an eclipse. Eclipses also reveal new information, so expect to get to know someone on a way deeper level. Secrets will be revealed. Issues concerning intimacy will be major, and thanks to that meeting between Mars and Uranus, some unexpected sparks could fly—or an unexpected, uncomfortable clash could occur.

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It all depends on context and what's happening in your life, Virgo.