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What happened here? We talked to the astronomer who caused the fuss. The articles are full of vague explanations like, "The star doctors say Earth right now is in a totally different spot in relation to the sun and its equatorial alignment than it was 3, years ago. What on Earth is going on? And why does everybody suddenly have to work with a new version of the completely meaningless zodiac?

It seems to have started with this article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune last weekend, in which one astronomer made some statements about the zodiac.

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Kunkle told the Star-Tribune the Earth's relation to the sun had changed since the Babylonians first created the zodiac. We got in touch with Kunkle and asked him what he actually told the Star-Tribune. He said he was asked by the Star-Tribune to give them a few bits of information about astronomy, not realizing the article would become a huge discussion of astrology and the relationship between astronomy and astrology.

And the main stuff he talked to the Star-Tribune about has to do with the phenomenon of " precession. If you take a toy top and spin it, it spins around an axis and that axis tends to point in different directions. His lectures are well attended and well received. He is the founder Cosmic Patterns Software Inc. He received a B. David pioneered some new theories of astrological interpretation using harmonics and midpoints in the 's, but since that time has been devoted to developing astrology software.

David plans to continue working on the Kepler program for many, many years.

I received several emails and FB messages about the recent news that an astronomer in Minnesota, Parke Kunkle, has stated that astrologers do not have the zodiac signs properly placed in the sky. Here are my thoughts on this:. This idea is not new and astrologers already know about it. There are many zodiacs: there is the tropical zodiac which is the main one in use in the western world, the sidereal zodiac which is usually preferred by astrologers in India, and there are also various attempts at a constellational zodiac.

There was also a zodiac of 18 signs in ancient Babylonia and there is another ancient zodiac of 27 signs, known as nakshatras, which is used mostly by astrologers in India. The astronomer Parke Kunkle is suggesting that a kind of constellational zodiac is the true zodiac that the original Babylonian astrologers devised and it has been misunderstood in modern times.

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There is no historical evidence to support Mr. Kunkle's idea.

There is evidence that suggests that in the earliest development of astrology the zodiac signs were understood to be based on the seasons just as they are today in western astrology. See the note at the bottom of this article for an example of text from the earliest extant astrological writings which suggests that zodiac signs are related to the seasons. Note that Kunkle gives various dates for entry of the Sun into the constellational signs but these are rather arbitrary because the zodiacal constellations have gaps and overlaps between them and one can also devise a constellational zodiac with varying numbers of signs and not necessarily 13 as Mr.

Kunkle suggests.

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The 27 nakshatras are arguably the best zodiac that has a close association with star groups and constellations and is a more reasonable choice than Kunkle's suggested 13 zodiac signs. For an example of an excellent astrological analysis based on nakshatras see The Nakshatra Report and to see modern renditions of imagery for the 27 nakshatras see The Nakshatra Symbols.

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Anyone can call himself or herself an astrologer. There are no standards or requirements for becoming an astrologer. Consequently many "astrologers" understand very little about astronomy, the history of astrology, or even advanced methods of astrological interpretation. Do not be surprised if some astrologers do not offer a coherent and educated response to Mr. Kunkle's statements regarding zodiac signs. Of most concern to me about this news item is the poor scholarship of Mr. Universities turn out many thousands of graduates and the vast majority of them, in my opinion, are well-trained and understand the importance of basing statements on careful scholarship, especially if they have a graduate level degree as Mr.

Kunkle has. While it's all a little complicated, the bottom line is there's been about a one-month bump in the alignment of the stars. And that's made a mess of astrology. According to Kunkle, there really should be a 13th sign, Ophiuchus. It seems the Babylonians who invented the zodiac skipped Ophiuchus because they wanted only 12 signs. Now that the Earth has rotated, here is apparently where the real signs of the zodiac should fall:.

If you're a former Scorpio or Sagittarius who now finds yourself under Ophiuchus, here's what you need to know. The sign is based on the constellation of the same name said to represent the healer Asclepius, son of Apollo, holding two snakes. Ophiuchus is thought to attract good luck and holds lofty ideals, while seeking peace and harmony.

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Those born under the Ophiuchus sign are said to be curious, passionate, with a thirst for knowledge and sometimes, an explosive temper. The Star-Tribune story of the zodiac shake-up has spread around the Internet quickly, sending panic through the hearts of true astrology believers who have found themselves in an astrological identity crisis. But some are insisting that if you're worried that you're no longer the fun-loving Libra you thought you were, and are really a perfectionist Virgo, be assured that nothing has changed.

The form of astrology that calculates zodiac signs based on constellations -- called the sidereal zodiac -- is followed more in the East, not here in the West.