Horoscope aquarius 9 january

Expect a nice surprise today that may be a bit out of the norm that brings out the child in you. Taurus, you may find something you've been searching for in either a friendship or work type relationship. There may be a strange pairing of energies today that bring the imaginative back to the center of your life.

Expect an escape of some sort in the near future that plays out a bit of fantasy you've been entertaining thoughts of. Gemini, a soulful journey or trip near the water would be an excellent experience for you today, and if you're no where near such a place, invite fluidity into your life. Self-care takes center stage for you today. Fitness, drinking high-quality water and beverages and high energy activities will improve your happiness. Cancer, think happy thoughts an allow yourself to reflect on positive memories.

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Do you keep a scrapbook? This would be a wonderful activity for you today. Organizing photos, spending time reconnecting with the past or studying your family genaology are good activities to pursue today. Leo, what you need right now is a little more kindness in your life. You can start the trend by allowing yourself a little more time with the personalities that you consider stable sources of love: pets, friends, and family members all fall into this category.

Play music that connects with you at a deep soul level. Say goodbye to stressful persons and situations, at least for today, if you can. Virgo, tackle your to do list one step at a time. You might be tempted to go full force early this morning, but pace yourself instead. Forgive yourself if you feel like you fall short in getting everything done that you wanted to do. Look deeper into how you're doing things and encourage mindfulness throughout the day. Doodle a thoughtful quote. Let yourself be fully engaged in conversations, and don't rush things. Libra, today is a day for lots of yes, positive affirmations will be your best friend.

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If you have the chance, say yes to the power nap, and yes to going off the beaten path. Allow yourself room to experiment with a few changes that invite positive flow and fresh energy into your day. Scorpio, let love be the guiding force to your day. Focus on the things that you love to do and what loves you back. There may be a delay in something or seeing someone but let yourself focus on the wait as being a good thing as it gives you time to reflect and appreciate its arrival in a stronger way.

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Try something new today that expresses a side of you that you don't often explore. Sagittarius, if you're looking for answers, you'll find them today. Prayer gets answered sooner than you expected.

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A gift or resource you need is received. Someone you trust will be there to help you along a journey. Capricorn, family is important today.

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You may find yourself depending on a trusted friend or family member for emotional support or spiritual guidance. There's a delay in a project or plans and it sets you on a new path. You may find that differences of opinion are more apparent, but that your uniqueness is what really stands out to you. Aquarius, decisions need to be addressed today. With Saturn as the ruler of their Sun, it is obvious that there is a lesson for one's personality and ego hidden here.

No dishonesty will be forgiven and people born on January 9th need to stay away from all mind-altering substances, drug abuse, medication, nicotine and alcohol. All outer influences of this kind make it harder for them to metabolize experiences in life and weaken their aura dramatically. It is the circle of action and consequence that defines their nature and for as long as they understand responsibility well enough, they can become truly powerful and have a significant impact on the world around them.

https://coundirocan.cf The two symbols may seem confusing when combined in one date, but in fact their combination gives clarity. If there is anything a child is proud of, it is the ability to be useful and a part of the social system. Proudly doing so requires certain bravery and growth, and these symbols are to serve our understanding that only honest, childish doings and creative efforts should shine as the greatest power these individuals have.

January 9th is the first date of the year to come down to a two-digit number when numbers of the date and the month are combined. In a way, this makes their pathway through life a bit more complicated for their purpose comes in two different steps. The first one is to recognize who they are in their core, and the second is to embrace their duality, their shadows and their dark side, only to discover what needs to change in their approach to life.

Once they transform, the effect of personal recognition will look like the transformation into a butterfly, but only if they are ready to face the world and get out of their cocoon all shiny, colorful and new. January 9th might seem to be all about love at first.

As times go by, they learn where to seek self-respect and choose partners who are more suitable for their primal nature, searching for someone to blend into one with.


They will never settle for less than their dreamland pushes them towards, and fall in love rarely and with people who are there to help them build their own world up. Artistic and deep, those born on January 9th are philosophers of sorts, great psychologists, life coaches, and past life regression therapists. They will never take an easy way out, not even when under a strong influence of Neptune, and need to find grounding and a self-image that is completely clear and true.

Their focus must be set onto one specific point and they love to dig in, metaphorically and physically, this making them excellent scientists, physicists, archaeologists, and paleontologists. The perfect stone for those born on January 9th is golden or gold sheen obsidian, a stone for illumination and enlightenment. This is a crystal that helps one increase self-control, and it is used for breaking habits and understanding the underlying causes and needs that are driving habitual behaviors and addictions.

The best gift for someone born on January 9th is a tool to help them dig through their personality. They are a true gold-digger and often need support in their attempts to recognize their own potential and ways to heal other people. Their gift should help them regenerate, teach them who they are, or be a monument to the personality they are trying to build.

Give them a suitable gemstone, a plant with healing properties, or a book on influential psychologists.