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Ranasinghe Premadasa is a Sri Lankan politician and the third president of the country.

Chinese Numerology Supersedes Sri Lankan Astrology

Born on June 23, , he served in that capacity from to Jayawardene from February 6, , to January 1, He was the first person to receive that award. Ranasinghe Premadasa was the first child of five by his parents, having three sisters and a brother.

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Ranasinghe Premadasa abandoned his ambition to seek higher education at the University of London but rather embark on social service to seek the welfare of the poor and vulnerable in the society. Ranasinghe Premadasa founded the Sri Sucharitha Movement, an organization aimed at improving the economic, social and spiritual empowerment of lower earning people in undeveloped areas of Colombo. The code of the organization was such that all the youth who joined did away with smoking, taking liquor and gambling. Ranasinghe Premadasa started his political career by associating with A.

Gunasingha, founder, and leader of the Ceylon Labour Movement. His decision at the time was met with several ups and down during the initial stage. That same year, he unsuccessfully contested against Dr. Scorpio: The new Saturn cycle asks you to define your values. You may have fewer resources available now, whether that refers to money, energy or time. You are likely to voluntarily forego expenditures on immediate pleasures for longer range objectives.

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The price of oil has dropped further since. But Roeder and Reiner now see a great opportunity to snap up energy stocks on the cheap. On Dec. He chose to remain anonymous, but said in a statement distributed by lottery officials that playing the lottery is his hobby. It was a struggle. To support herself, she worked as a ticket agent for airline companies. I am truly fortunate to write the foreword to his book Buddhist Mater, The Great.

I introduce it as the work of a great humanitarian god father teacher with all my respect to him. This great teacher immensely helped my intital education then. Now, he is helping you all to acquire the heritage for ending the endless Samsaric journey. Hence, my beloved teacher! How can I introduce you to the world at large? Attanayaka M. Foreword In the annals of Sri Lanka, the story of great men comprises a record of distinction.

For they, in their capacity, have rendered great service to Sri Lanka and their religion. Among them the late Venerable Balangoda Ananda Maithrea is notable. To my view this is a book for practicing Buddhists. It offers the religion or the philosophy in a very clear and a practical way.

I, as a youth, had been an amateur learning from the great Thera and am very pleased that author Maithree Rathnayaka is making an attempt to share the memories of association and his experiance with the reader. Whoever applies his diligent effort here in can gradually arrive at the correct comprehesion which is the teaching of the Enlightened One, the Buddha. Colombo, 9th March, Vinayacharya Abhidhammika Most Ven.

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Damahana Dhammananda. Sinhala 2. English 3. Pali 4. Sanskrit 5. Latin 6. German 7. French 8. Telingu 9.

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May they all attain Nibbana Many of those who helped in different ways while video documentary film Samsaric Journey Bawa Gamana as seen by Ancient Rishis was filmed and have left this world. All of them are remembered herein as a respect for them. Arthur C. Sirisoma, Director General, Department of Archaeology. Arsakulasooriya Government Agent.

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Puwathisi Alagiyawanna, Veteran Writer. Arul Raj, Veteran Journalist. From the Author I had a longing for reading books written on different subjects. By the time I reached grade 10, I had finished reading many books at my school library of Badulla Central College. One day I saw some untouched books systematically stacked in one almirah. They were Tripitaka Vinaya1, Sutta2, Abhidhamma3 editions.

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I felt that I should read all these books. So I selected one of them. It was a book of Vinaya Pitakaya containing Parajika Paliya4. I began reading it in the last row of the class when I was free. He took it away. My liking for reading Tripitaka vanished from that day. This happened during my school life. But the incident still haunts my mind. Apart from my desire for reading, there were some other subjects I liked. They were demonology, psychology, astrology, palm reading, recalling the dead and so on.